From idea exploration to engineering production, Pacific Cornetta can help bring your
products into the world. Our clients benefit from our portfolio of services and resources:

Low cost manufacturing facilities in Asia
Close cooperation with clients via Asia and US offices
Experienced full time engineering and design staff
Independent testing and certification available
Multiple production resources for plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, and ceramic materials.
Challenge • Our customer sought a manufacturing solution for their line of spice products in a new package that included a spice grinder attached to the bottle. To fulfill their obligations to channel partners, they needed hundreds of thousands of plastic bottles and grinders to be built, assembled, and shipped over a six month period. When they contacted PCI, the client needed to receive the first shipment, over 10 cargo containers of product in 40 days.
The PCI Factor • Pacific Cornetta received the RFP Friday afternoon and our team worked through the weekend. First thing Monday, we responded with a proposal that included details on manufacturing, price, size, capacity, duty rates, and even early design specification. We identified critical areas of concern: competitive differentiation, label schemes, and ideas for protecting customer intellectual property. Within one week of project launch, we issued a 6 month project schedule, and stuck to it.
The Result • 40 days after contacting PCI, the first containers shipped from China. Our customer met their channel obligations and brought their new product to market on time and under budget.